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Fall/Winter 2010 Valentino


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Love at twenty: L'amour à vingt ans / Hatachi no koi / L'amore a vent'anni / Liebe mit zwanzig / Miłość dwudziestolatków

Love at twenty was an anthology of vignettes created by producer Pierre Roustang. Roustang commissioned a series of internationally renowned film directors, each of a different nationality to make a short piece about first love.

Francois Truffaut was one of the directors and it was for this collaboration that he made 'Antoine et Colette'. Antoine and Colette was the follow up to Truffaut's much celebrated 'Les Quatre cent coups' which was about the young Antoine Doinel. It was from here that Truffaut decided to follow Doinel through his life. Considered to be autobiographical, the films that followed watched Doinel marry, become a father, divorce and find love again.

The other directors were Polish Andrzej Wajda, Italian Renzo Rossellini, Japanese Shintarō Ishihara, and German Marcel Ophüls. Wajda's film is described as 'an intergenerational liaison based upon multiple misunderstandings' while Rossellini's is about a mean mistress who loses her lover to a wealthier and more appreciative woman. Ishiara's piece is about obsessive love and Germany's documents the life of an unwed mother trying to trap the father of her baby.

Truffaut's piece was by far the most successful while the other films failed to stand the test of time and have fallen by the wayside.

The episodes are woven together with photos by Henri Cartier-Bresson (blog to follow!) and a specially created soundtrack by Georges Delerue.